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Highway 400 Rapid Bridge Replacement

On behalf of Metrolinx, we’re designing and constructing the Finch West LRT Project along Finch Avenue West in northwest Toronto between Keele Street and Highway 27.

We are designing and constructing stops, a maintenance and storage facility, tracks, communication system, and other required infrastructure, including upgrading and rehabilitating the Highway 400 Overpass at Finch Avenue West.

Rehabilitating the Highway 400 Bridge is essential to the future operations of the Finch West LRT alignment. This is because the LRT line will pass below the bridge and have its eastbound and westbound LRT track alignments on either side of the bridge piers.

Further, rehabilitation works will improve the aging bridge’s infrastructure, providing further protection to motorists travelling on and below it.

Mosaic Transit Group is committed to mitigating disruptions to motorists, transit riders, businesses and the general public. As a result, we will use a Rapid Bridge Replacement technology to rehabilitate the Highway 400 Bridge at Finch Avenue West. The Rapid Bridge Replacement process will consist of fabricated bridge elements that are constructed in adjacent laydown areas throughout 2019 and 2020.

The innovative technique will reduce the duration of traffic disruptions to motorists from many years to several weekends and night lane closures.

Other Benefits of a Rapid Bridge Replacement:

  • Allows most of the new bridge construction to take place beside the highway and not in the road, resulting in less traffic impacts
  • The crew will work faster building the new bridge as they are not operating in a ‘live’ area
  • A new bridge will be available in less time than a traditional bridge rehabilitation method
  • Any necessary Highway 400 closures will occur only overnight or on specific weekends
  • Public health and safety will be maintained throughout

Fall 2018

Early Winter 2019

  • Review and assess issues raised by communities and stakeholder

Spring – Fall 2019 (Pending outcome of EA process)

  • Issued a Notice of Step-Down
  • Bridge construction begins in temporary areas adjacent to the highway

Spring – Summer 2020 (Pending outcome of EA process)

  • Intermittent night or weekend lane closures while we prepare to construct the new bridge for construction
  • Replacement of each section of the new bridge over two separate weekends. Visit the Metrolinx Blog to read about the 400 rapid bridge replacement and view a timeplase video of the event.
  • Intermittent night or weekend lane closures to complete bridge replacement activities, such as paving and concrete works
  • New bridge fully open to traffic

Have Your Say

Mosaic Transit Group will engage and consult with the general public, businesses, municipalities, trucking associations, and other stakeholders who could be affected.

We want to hear from you during the planning, design and EA process!

Your input will help influence decision making. Please click here to view the Notice of Study Commencement and email to provide your comments.

Share Your Feedback

Mosaic Transit Group wants your feedback on its plans to use a rapid bridge replacement method to rehabilitate the Highway 400 Bridge at Finch Avenue West.

Public and stakeholder input is an essential part of the Class EA process for the Highway 400 Bridge Rehabilitation. Any feedback we receive will be taken into consideration when finalizing the traffic management plans and environmental approach while ensuring public health and safety.

Ways you can provide input.

How will feedback be considered?

Community feedback will be considered, along with technical, environmental and financial information, as well as feedback from local governments, business owners, and transit operators.

Please provide your feedback by January 12th, 2019.